• Serena Tan

I was aching last night because

MY WHOLE BODY WAS BRUTUALLY battered yesterday evening after the Satay Bee Hoon dinner at East Coast. A nice dinner but I had suspect the worst was yet to come ..

Seeing this what do you called Sinseh-TUiNa who was not ordinary Tui-na skills. Yesterday was the first in my life I wanted to give up in the middle. Husband and wife doing their Kungfu master skills on me, tini bottles of fire stuck on my back, then rubbing pressing and poking my back my left side my leg my shoulder…. with printed marks.

Toturously painful especially on my affected body areas. But I guess it paid of in no less than half an hour. But because of the pain felt due to the “KUNGFU SI-Fu”” skills performed on me, I felt the left over pain on the battered body for the whole night until this morning, I felt LOOSER!

By 12am last night, I was delirious and Zzzz monster soon caught up with me.

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