• Serena Tan

I was pushed into the train as QUICK as possible

This morning I was damn late. I slept pretty early, for our standard and woke up (not my standard) late. I rushed of course, bathe and changed and to the train station for the train. It was packed but I managed to get a front row to wait for the train to come.

At the station, especially in the morning, it is essential to quickly chop your standing position just BEFORE THE YELLOW LINE while waiting for the train to come, because quickly the people will formed a long queue and you can’t get a space to the train if it did come.

So anyway I spotted a preggy lady right behind this standing behind yellow line queue. I was thinking how would shemanaged to squeeze herself when the train comes.

Today’s the trains frequency was lengthy. So lengthy that when the train came, we had no space to squeeze ourselves in the train that packed train, so everyone had to wait forthe next train. So the next train, fortunately was the empty train, The




THE Behind people that were initially quening behind me (must be barbarians)

Pushed and pushed me into the center of the train. I thought I will fall any moment,. Lucky I managed to grab a seat and cool down.

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