• Serena Tan

I went 1 big round in the office

Yesterday when I entered the room, there was New Year goodies, tarts and love letters.

Because Irene and Esther loved to filled us with cookies food, I thought was either of them. During lunch I even asked Susan who supplied the New Year goodies, we thought and think, and decided it was Irene.

“Maybe she came in the morning.,, nah she’s on medical leave””

“Maybe last night she left on the shelve for us…” So by the noon time, as usual, I was hungry and grab from the shelve the tarts to munch.

Before I started the tarts, I thought to write a thank you email to Esther and Irene for the goodies.

Because the other 3 girls were in different room with me, So I wrote

“Thanks for the new year goodies in our room… “ I wrote quietly.

And the next moment seated on the opposite of me, QUEK said “oh I brought the tarts and love letters for you all to eat…” unexpected

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