• Serena Tan

If work was as fun and jollies

If work was as fun and jollies with stress minimize cause everybody is at harmony and as understanding as last time.. If people meant to throw the stress at the expenses of other’s quietness and humbleness, how long would these last.

Its not making the enviroment any nicer and friendly to work, its causing a drift and a distance to build up. What its it trying to gain from this?

Watch the volcano explosion one day. Am not exactly towards tolerance like Jesus Christ. I have my feelings I have my life, and I think we all deserve in some sense some respect towards each self,. And respect is earned by respecting yourself and others first. Not throw some barbarian acts… I am human too., we are all are.

we are all trying to make a living, if this is , means to have to put up with the unreasonable behaviour of others towards you, just because of trival matters that is not in the least concern of yours, or always, is not worth a life out of it. How do we endure and suppress it and why should we since they are exploding at the expense of YOU? are we a stone? so sad

help Im weary

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