• Serena Tan

Ikea Shoe Rack

On Saturday, i thought of getting a few boxes from Ikea so we got together with my Aunty Kim and spent a few hours tempting ourselves with new furnitures fittings and arrangements.

Gosh the layouts, the cosy feeling the Ikea made you want to buy almost all their furnitures.

so inspiration struck the darling AK and I to change our old shoe rack in the room to a make shift Ikea movable ones.

and I bought 8 shoe box containers to replace the shoe boxes.

before hanging the Ikea movable Shoe rack and blah blah.

the next day we continued our box packing.,

from old clothes to an empty box for the darling AK, Aunties and

Mummy for this week’s sale bazzaarrr…

it was fun throwing unwanted things away…

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