• Serena Tan

Iphone Spell Check

For those who owns the iphone and uses the iPhone autocorrect spelling thingy, it can be really a pain at times, coming out and sending out the wrong messages.

For me, haha, it is usually a good thing, if the spelling is right, so you save the hassle of typing the full word, but at most times, its a pain.

And usually, right after i send over the message, then i realised the spell check had got the word wrong for me. I don’t know why but somehow, when you are typing it, you see the correct word and not after it changes.. hemm… Then again, most of the times, when we are typing the message, its usually send quickly, assuming the word our finger had pressed its correct.

i came across this on asiaone today on iPhone autocorrect fail and thought it was hilarous..because it somehow relate to me, because i myself always, without fail send messengers like that across too.

extracted from http://www.digitalone.com.sg/multimedia/photo/multimedia/685

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