• Serena Tan

Is never too late.

Just some thoughts: – The other week when I was going through the old photos of the parents and their vacation trips with their SOLF members that they went for several times…  … and that was also when I was a ‘lalang’ then. ,

I realised how much I USED to missed out on those years with the parents.. and it’s a lot of many years, maybe a total of 17 years to be exact, (minusing these few years of our bond together)……….. and feeling very heavy about the moments that i had forgo in the past… the fact that I wasn’t there to be part of my parents growing ageing-up days.

Like in a blink of ‘me’ eye, they are exactly so old already and I miss out those years with them,.of bonding and being just together with them…. Because I was always out OUTING senseless outings …..

I told Aunty about it .. and said that only in the recent years that we started bonding and having our time together, and she said:” girl, its never too late… its never too late…”

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