• Serena Tan

It was my Spring Cleaning day..

We have finally finished spring cleaning the housy and the room of ours.

Totally cleaned. and quite satisfield.

Because I was made in charge of the house yesterday for the installation of the OpenNet fibre thingy, i was on leave. The men came earlier , 5 hours earlier than the appointed time, and it was just the perfect timing, because I just came back from NTUC shopping with all the stuff! I could have shopped more, but because of the stuff i bought, heavy loaded and bulky, I couldn’t load myself with more to carry. Else, i think I would probably missed these Fibremen. They said they were at a block away and thought they might dropped by to see if they could install at my block, else they would return at 4pm, the appointed time. it was good also, then i could start on my cleaning. At first we had a tough time on the location, since the casing would be obvious to our home, and the running would be too much visible so.. calling to and fro to our electrical, finally, we got the best solution and it was installed very quickly. Then the testers came and it was done.

Right, i paused for a while wondering the main reason i wrote this post for… and within a second, i remembered. During the installation of the Opennet Fibre, i wasn’t hungry but i know i have to eat. because i wanted to buy my breakfast/lunch right, after putting my stuff bought at NTUC at home but the men-at-work caught me at the right timing. So, it just so happened i had brought home a CUP of noodle. So i had that very quickly. But it was a small portion, so, after the Installation and the men-at-work left, while waiting for the testers to arrive, i rushed down to grab a packet of bee Hoon … and rushed up.

then i forgot to buy my kopi-O!! so i made the instant 3in1 pack coffee to go with the BEE HOON. at the same time, the Testers came and started with the testing. I left them to do the testings while i had my COFFEE with the Bee HOOOn….

Halfway through the bee HOOn, i vomitted everything out. just in time when i felt the vomity feeling, i rushed to the toilet and PUKE all out, including the instant cup noodle i had earlier on. it was enough! i threw the bee hoon and coffee away and i felt better.

Now visualizing the scene, back, it looks like I had gorged down tons of food and vomitting everything out, immediately, Very dumb.. probably too rush or probably the coffee that had milk..

and then i went back to work, my housework!

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