• Serena Tan

Its good to have food aru

Every time by 2pm, i will go hungry and look for food, regreting not getting some cake or bun during the lunch,

and its very routine, everyday like these, me and Audrey will

” very hungry … ARE YOU HUNGRY.. HUNGRY liao …leh..”

or  “” SI BAY errr leh…””

so unless we have snacks to munch or else the next few hours, we will

bery hungry la,.. hungry leh.. hungryyyyy.

Today, this morning, when i bought my breakie, i bought 2 extra large butter cake for the hungry afternoon session.

skali, during lunch, we went to Tangs for a walk and she bought us each butterflies …

those butterflies, and its quite a large butterfly.

and it was endless munching during the afternoon.. 🙂

so it was the stomach was happy today..

its good to have food around the table,..

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