• Serena Tan

Its Lunar New Year …

See Singaporeans Chinese are really traditional.

Coming to the near of the Chinese New Year, the queue gets longer and longer over at Hong Lim, this lunch time when I passed by, couldn’t resist to snap a shot of the queue queuing for porky bbq snacks…

It’s the Chinese new year… I know its Chinese new year in Singapore when:-

– you see china town packed with tons of people and tentage …

– I see red signs, red banners red decorations….. – long queues seen over at the Chinese goodies shop – people rushing work over time, over night to complete it before the reach of new year – I start trying to wash and iron the balance left over clothes in the laundry basket – I keep cleaning the room – Trying to get a clean new bedsheet laid out one day before the new year and washing the old before the new year.. (how is that possible???)

( trying to clean my office table rid of work and dust but… i am unsure… not my table yet how to clean another table… and how to clean when work files are piled..)

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