• Serena Tan

Its the AK Bash tonight

HEY today is another wrap up of the week. Fast quick and efficiently, its another yet Friday! And it’s a special Friday, cause tonight is the AK birthday Bash and yet to be known, I hope I’m not the one to fall into the liquor spam! And I hope none would of course, that all be merry at the end of the night.

The week has been alright, very monotonously, washing cleaning and ironing the clothes, getting rushing home to catch the TV serials and passing the night over at 156. Thank God every thing was monotonous, sometimes it good to be the same than an awful whole lot of worries and troubles.

The parents placed a SUPERB MAN beautiful watch and a polo-T on our room chair last night all wrapped up and to be open by the birthday boy, which we did in a hurry! I thought the watch was nice and large for the AK! Just perfect for his big large wrist to coincide with the large manly hands. Right….. and with a new handphone, the birthday boy is really to CHEONG tonight!

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