• Serena Tan

its the Pre F1 downstairs

When i thought i heard a thunder roar, turns out to be the event downstairs for the F1.

The pre F1 events happening right downstairs at the office block we are in.

I didnt know  the decorations downstairs were up until i heard the loud BOM BOM BOM commotion going on. and so i looked out of the window and wow!

so many thingys!

the pictures i have taken doesn’t do any justice to the decorations and the lightings and colourful lights downstairs, though.

i heard one of the F1 drivers in the tentage

the events

well there is an offer from the block to come back to the office to view the race, during the F1 weekend race, and we additionally have to pay for the airconditioning.

NOt me of course, i would rather stay in the comfy zone at home with the TV that shows all angles and with the commentaries as to who is driving what.

But some of my colleagues are coming back to get a view of the race and blasting of the F1 CARS!

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