• Serena Tan

Jeci’s Birthday

Midnight and I still cant get to sleep while the man is sleeping soundly away… He had much to drink while me had plain water the whole night until my bladder is making me way to the toilet once too many times.. And many no liquor so i tend to be slightly awake and found it difficult to make my way to dreamland. We were supposed to catch the movie in the evening but because of the week of endless day long meeting, the work had piled into a tremendosly huge chunk that i had to stay back till 7pm and the poor AK waited for more than an hour at my office lobby… Tonight was JeCi’s birthday and to pass time, we had a drink at King’s before celebrating at 97 with the rest of the customers’ for her. So the AK and the girls drank and was merry in the weekday, we had to leave pretty early for work tomorrow, to my dismay, i am still wide awake…

Can you spot the birthday girl? the reason why she was on the DJ ‘s top? Because the Yeng Yeng and Florence brought a martell A BOTTLE of martell each to the stage to make her drink. In the effortless of hers, she climb to the top!

MEanwhile, i am trying to get to dreamland now.. seeing the man sleeping so soundly making me envy.

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