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Last evening, the Aunty Kim wanted to feed us in Jumbo Serangoon Country Club, because previously Sunday, she didn’t managed to pay for the meal over at a particular restaurant.

The “pass” Sunday was dramatic.. in fact when the AK or Aunty Kim is around, dramatic things happen…

The wake was to commenrate Uncle Heng’s Grandmother-in Law’s death. Old age of course… There , we had mee goring,… 2 hours after our meal at Kolo mee in Sembawang…. The Ak and I shared, still filling though..

So after the “”oldies”” sorted out their plans, we waited at the “wake” until they work out their stuff at Woodlands and met them at the destinated makan place… “particular restaturant””.

Glorious food, yummy “not too yummy for me because I was filling full full””, still I struggled with the food…

Somehow, something went wrong with one of the dishes and ( I can’t say….) and We made a little ho ho ha ha …. And called the manager…

The manager was apologetic and at the end course of dinner, we had more to eat desert… and the meal was free….

Still we thought we should at least pay a little, …..

That calls for us to be so pai-seh, very pai-seh , still , refused to collect a cent from us…



Back to yesterday’s dinner at serangoon country club.. jumbo…. Set dinner… it was so nice especially the jeo-DUCK…… I NEVER TASTED SUCH NICE HALF-COOKED JEO-DUCK IN MY LIFE!


AND the AK translate to mandarin Jeo-Duck means….

Something –nose – clam… now I forgot again.



MORALE OF this post :

jeoduck only!

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