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Jurong Trip to see the Monkey Tree

Jurong Tour Part one

The AK and I took a Night trip at Jurong last evening. Park 1 was at the St 42 Jurong West, going on live to experience and see the Tree that people has been talking about, the budge out Monkeys and Guanyin and…. We made several more discoveries.. We parked the car opposite and the view via the carpark… there is no need to search for the right place, the crowd is the confirmation… There are at least 4 ice-cream drinks stalls in station along the trees and a muay chee stall just like the outside of a temple..

Signage were placed alone the grass to explain the do’s and don’ts…

This is the full Tree of the Monkey appearance.. the top..

There is however a man guarding and guiding humans rectriul, and explaining the significance, appearance of the spirits in case, your naked eyes could not see the picture..

Closed up view of the Monkey Tree

I got really that closed!

The Next tree supposly was being prayed too as well, was explained had the image of the elephant, most of the Indians prayed to this Tree.. the elephant trunk is the obvious sign..

This is another tree, I can’t recall the image of this… can you see?

The Guan Yin Tree, the image appeared on the far top of the next Tree which took me a while to gasp it!

See clearly We realized there are two images. One Guan Yin, the other like a little girl angel.

Closed up of the angel girl…

Closed up of the Guan Yin…

The of course, we Kpos around a while to view the other untalked trees and the AK pointed out a BEE NEST at the high top of a tree, maybe nobody notices it, or didn’t bother to want to attention it… Might stink people ok. Bee bees nest………

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