• Serena Tan

Just a thought i had on the 3 Aug 2011

Doesn’t it occur to you that it must be more than this?

Our minds our bodies our soul?

How much can we control ourselves, our lifes? ARE we so certain our lifes are so well control in our hands? Or there must be more than ourselves? we cannot combat our lifes, the future.

A wealthy man cannot bring his wealth to his grave. The amount of striving and grabbing on this earth , the amount of wealth, the status you have on this earth.. be a cleaner, road sweeper to a CEO, to a high flyer or a billionaire, cannot never combat sickness, illness and death. It could never changalle life, that God has given us.

It can never replace this peace and truth we have, we know.

Some people says who cares, who cares life after death. What if life after death is eternal? What if you find living on this earth is such a struggle, and if you have life after death, do you continue want your life to be a struggle or achieve to have a better life after death? what about if you have a chance to make a choice on your life?

Everybody is striving to make their lifes better on this earth.. to live comfortably, to be the riches men on earth, to be able to find peace and love… by trying to hold their lifes in their hands, many a time, not achiving to what they wanted.

So isnt it the same, that because we know that we have eternal life, that we are working build our eternal life. Because we know we have a life after that.

Nobody can see our future, not the fortune tellers nor any one.

Are we building our lifes on this earth laying treasures that we cannot bring it with us forever, or are we working towards our treasure that will be with us forever?

 may God correct me if i was wrong.


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