• Serena Tan

King of the Coffesshop

And then when you sat long enough as in months years in a particular same coffeeshop and realized that there are some, whom the day in and out, life is circulated in and around the coffeeshop would loved to take the title “KING” or “QUEEN” of the coffeeshop!

And when that happens it really is funny, sometimes it gets on your nerves just by talking to these “KING”s when in reality, they are just another ordinary person. In another words, badder terms, we named them as “KPO”. Every little details that goes on the neighbour, every little details of every person in that neighbour, they would try to get hold unto their palms and CLAIM copyright! and say that they know more……………

So we did have one “man” that would loved to have all, all the details at his fingertips… if we have a better information, slightly more in depth than him, he would grow itchy and not sit still! or else he would loved to be seen and hear to be closed to everyone…….. esp the CHINA girls….

Just Like yesterday,

when the AK joked about the new stall carrot cake opened by the 2 new china girls saying that he gotten closer and closer to them each day including chatting with them in the morning and helping them improve the carrot cake cooking ,

the “man” growed upset and itchy and interrupted —-

The ‘mansaid:

“” the 2 girls kept looking at me and whispering things about me… I wonder what is it…. Maybe say that I good in drinking………. Everyday come here and drink leh….””” He boost in mandarin..

I felt like at the point of moment, take my slippers and throw at him!

Cannot loss one man!

Buay tahan. Si bay FUNNY!

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