• Serena Tan

Kopi O Siew Tai

Know what’s my ‘must have’ when I reach the office?

Its coffeee…

We have this Nespresso Machine with different types of capsule with individual aromatic profiles from mile to strong, its really good … but to me, still it doesn’t beat having a really good one, in a small cup in a saucer made from traditional aromatic coffee powder at a authetic hawker.

Kopi O

I so especially loved the ones over at the market over nearby our home. A small lovely cup @ $0.60. The taste and the aroma… just a good small thick Kopi O really makes your day..

Of course I cannot find it over at Raffles Place here. The really best authetic ‘hawker’ type that I drank so far is the coffee toast selling in the Raffles MRT station itself and the queue is never ending.

So lengthy, there is a a ‘espress lane’ for takeaways,.. and sometime when the queue is shorter, i would get my coffee from there.

“kopi- O siew Tai!”” @ S$1.10.

Its pretty dear isnt it? But I guess the rental is so much dearer too..

But at times, when I feel a little poorer, I would save the S$1.10 and have the coffee in the office.

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