• Serena Tan

Ku De Ta

Ku De Ta @ MBS last evening with the Bosses that were in town

it was so so dark outside, we had to use a torch to read the menu.


Beef. it was mean for my head to be the cow head

me & Pris

desert menu...

the other table, the big bosses that side there

strawberries for me

after the dinner for another view

with everyone


@ the lounge

Seriously, the food at ku de ta wasn’t that fantastic as we would have thought. The ‘chi cha’ stalls typically, the ones we offen frequent, was even much better than the food we had at ku de ta.

The ambience was lousy, it was so dark and made me totally disorientated and helpless, because I personally hates dim yellow lights and darkness. So I be disorientated. The seats were too soft, when I sat down, I was too low for the table. Not even that I was short, but for my tall colleagues, they felt it too.

The service was quite not to the standard one would expect at a restaurant like this.

The lounge was probably much cosier for drinking but the service was worst than any disco you can pick from the street in town. You walk in looking for your own table and you have to wave tons of times for the waiter to notice you and order your drinks.

It wasn’t pack.

We thought probably the team was new and wasn’t well experience in the service line, overall , everyone said the view was fantastic, no regrets for this time round but not going for the food and the restaurant again!

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