• Serena Tan

Land of Smiles

Land of smiles is indeed no more smiles now.

News coverage of Thailand in every possible hour on every station..

Thaksin said its the golden time to rise up now

When the yellow started the first riots and stormed the Airport,

no action on them?

When the yellow wanted re-election n re-election n re-election

and strip the posts of PM, they started riots can… no action on them?

the news said Mr abhisit came into power

after the yellow broke the law occupying the airport

and parliment house……good say

Mr Abhisit says the red are public enemy, so the yellow is not when they riot?

If both are, then its fair and square.

I’m sure people is smart enough to know..

now the red doing back the same isn’t it?

………… when can we go back Thailand?

Hope the smiles return to Thailand soon….


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