• Serena Tan

Last day of my Coursess….

My last day which i also the 3rd day which gives me the road to the exam later in 2 hours! wow! my luncheon was a burger at Macs and quickly back to the workstation for some INTERNET surfing.

today was exceptionally tired, not that everyday i am not, today is especially. Last evening, Jeci and me went to Desmond and we were the 1st two in queue thanks to AK! and probably, the nigth medication that i took has not subside. its supposed to de-toxify me blood and its making me dreamy tired restless and sleepy.

Whatever! think! today is the Eve of Vesak Day! what a joy! the holiday is just a day away and tonight is party night.

and our dear homely motherly Helen Jean Chai is finally FREE to drown herself with liquor tonight!

till tonight, cheers and its back to the course now………………..

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