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check this out. In Dec 5th, muar blog about the RAV 4 that parked over at the Taxi stand for the whole day, refuses to get a parking lot and me being the inquisitive (kpo Is it, nicer word to use) went to check his housing area and it turned out the owner stayed in a condominium.

So these 2 months, we kinda forgot about the RAV 4 cause we haven’t seen the car parked over at the Taxi stand downstairs the office building of ours which is also opposite of the BOAT QUAY!

Guess what

THE CHEAPO is back in action!

HE CHANGED his car and initially, me and Ah Fa doubt the car but THE CAR Is PARKED THERE FROM MORNING TO EVENING and definitely without a 2nd thought, we knew was the ex-RAV4 cheapo owner.

He GOTTEN a new CAR and it’s the LEXUS!!!!!

A LEXUS can change to LEXUS cannot buy a decent coupon???????????


And during the lunch time, we have spotted, when the Traffic POLICE or CAR park attendant started making their rounds, somehow or rather, the CHEAPO NEW-LEXUS owner would be on the alert and get into the Lexus and drive around BOAT QUAY for few rounds before doing his Cheapo-parking!

I took the photos when me was heading for work! see his new car!

Gosh! CHEAPO CHEAPO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I also cannot stand myself. Imagine me actually standing there and taking the photos of the cheapo man’s car!

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