• Serena Tan

LIfe of Imperfections

While fb was having this beatuiful imperfection relationship contest, I thought very much to submit darling AK and me entry.

The rule was to submit the couple picture with 25 words of why we think we are beautifully imperfect…..

The imperfections that made your partners unique to you, individually, the imperfections that you long had taken for granted of, the imperfections of your partners, that made life last together making it, totally perfect.

What was ours..?

What was mine towards him and him towards mine?

while my thoughts gather…. to post later . . . . .

Recap: “In the end, it’s the small things that you remember, the little imperfections that made them perfect, for you. .. you too find yourselves life partners who are as beautifully imperfect

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