• Serena Tan

Lion Roar

There seems to be nothing to bitch about, every time when I am away from the computer, there seems to be a thousand and one thing to bitch, but comes to be in the blog, the bitching disappear.

Just the other day when we were at the coffeeshop and one of our friends’ lion, who always stood a far distance and throw her F***ing temper to show her husband her anger for sitting in the coffeshop for a F***ing long period of time, chatting and drinking happily with us. Btw, she does this almost every other day! Or else she will start to kick the 7-11 door just a distance away..

The Birthday girl thought she might be nice to go over to the corner the lion is and asked if she would like to join us for makan and chat and she entered the lion’s den. She was not only told off, the lion instruct her to get the “”” GUA’”” (the man) in mandarin over instead.

Ga Ga, what a scene.

Think of this:-

The man, the friend of ours hangout in the coffeeshop almost everyday, without fail. Therefore, the man’s location of his relaxation is known to his wife. He doesn’t do hanky panky. He doesn’t get harm by anyone He just sits at the coffeeshop and have some coffeeshop talk with a large group of us. At least she knows his whereabouts but she chose to take advantage due to her incompetency and her lack of interaction of the world..

The irritating wife comes in anger every night to throw her old-dish temper IN A DISTANCE! ( waiting for her to come over and make noise leh, why don’t she?)

Si bay paiseh for the husband leh!

So we thought, maybe we should drag the husband and bring him to disco for the next few weekends, so that she cannot find him,.. till then will she start to panic.

Maybe bring him KaroOK, she go coffeeshop bang table she wants, cannot find him better! Okok, every one’s got our own desire and temper, if the husband is alright with her this behaviour, well they got one!!!

i just hope i don’t get to that stage when i am old!

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