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Live Again!

Today watched the final episode! The channel 8 at 9pm, series! Finally, i managed a show full show.

Most of the time, miss the ending but yahoo, we reminded ourselves and got back early!

wow liew althought this LIve AGain seems quite absurd most of the scenes and unrealistic, most of the times,

all the characters all happened to be around waitin for the bad guy to nap them….

– quiet ulu Loyang area, the bad guy locked the good guy in a coffin hammered tight and the dumb spastic kid who always stayed around in the HDB flat happened to be BBqing there! so to rescue the good guy. ULU area also can, so far from the DUMB boy’s house… how he get there..?? can go there BBQ himself somemore leh! NOT bad! the GOdpa suddenly don’t realise he disappeared!

-some condominum side track road, all characters just happened to be there and to be behind some wall listening to some wishy washy of the lovers

– takes a “”million “”” bucks for the good guy to get a PI to find out another good guy whereabouts, when he goes to find him in the whereabouts, suddenly the bad guys can be there looking around and checking around also, easily and doing the pink panter, hiding and waiting to poach on the good guys.

NEXT TIME no need get PI, ask BAD guys can liao, they KNOW everything , all can easily be around anywhere!

– all go HDB, the bad guy can nap the lady there

– go amusement park, the bad guy can also be there to stab them

– in hawker centre, bad guys also there,

– prosititue area, the characters all managed to find and happen to be in that area, snooping around and waitin for the bad guy to attack them!

– everybody know where you stay immediately! Condo, HDB, you shift to anywhere, everyone has everyone address!

ahhhh………. finally one good scene,

At least for the final episode had so much tension and anxious-ness… and a little more realistic to why all the characters are all in the warehouse! at least, its shows why EVERYONE can be at an ULU WAREHOUSE!

and the teary scene made my eye teared 2 tear drop!


never in the middle or fast

1)this show, tells, us, BAD GUYS ARE OMIPOTENT, they are everywhere, anytime, any parts of Singapore….. !

Caption from mediacorp!

Just Love Every Mon-Fri, 7pm

Ge Guoguang and Gao Ximin come to an agreement that he will take care of their child and the house while she pursues her career as a magistrate. Things seem to work out fine until Guoguang demands to have his own career and has an affair.

Stars Jessica Hester Hsuan, Sunny Chan, Dave Wang, Patrick Tang, Lee Sze Chit, Lee Sze Wan, Fiona Yuen, Tong Sze Wing

From Nov 19, every Mon-Fri @ 7pm Total no. of episodes: 20

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