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Live like every second counts…….

Aging Agin, the other day over at luncheon, on the way back I realised known my current colleague Susan for almost 14 years already since I joined Reinsurance back when I started.

Meaning, I known Adeline law for 14 years too.


Yesterday I left a messege to Adeline congratulating her. (which I was being kpo only), surprisingly, I got a sms a while ago, from her, their first step entering into their new phrase of life, they GOT IT! Yipee! That was good.

Then since she was so far far away, I was just thinking those days we have lunches and dinners together, and felt that, that I should have more lunches with her and hear her grumbling then.

Maybe I should have done more, maybe I should have arranged more dinners. Gosh. Maybe we should have more good food at posh restaurants then when we were working together. All these maybes.

Its horrid feeling. I don’t want to have maybes maybes, I want to think back and say YES, ‘heng’ ah, I did this and that, or lucky we did these together, lucky I control my temper, lucky this and that.

So hopefully, going forward, I try not to have hiccups on “maybes”, or “I should have done that”, “i shouldnt have done that”.

esp to my loved ones lor.

But how? Humans are like that.

Tsk tsk .

someone remind me constantly!

1st for me – maybe i should control my TEMPER!

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