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Long Queue Satay Beehoon in East Coast

Tonight is張學友concert you know and we were arranging with Yeng last night for dinner before meeting Jacky and I REMINDED her to put the tickets in her bag…. And she replied that she had been carrying the ticket IN HER BAG (beg?) ever since don’t know when………

A bit cute right… this little girl.

back to yesterday’s dinner, we met my parents over at East Coast and we managed to queue and get to eat the satay beehoon and beef noodle’s… the 2 longest queue in the East Coast hawker, which always we were quite put-off seeing the long awaited queue and yesterday we mangaged to satisfy our taste buds plus the famous delicious char tao kway…

half an hour queue though..

the hawker finally changed their smelly wooden moist table to a clean vanished ones… don’t sure if they would smell after some time, after several downpours but it sure didn’t smell bad yesterday!

Previously, just sitting on the wooden table, a moist shitty smell would attack your nose till it spoilt my appetite even….

no wonder i thought i enjoyed my food yesterday!

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