• Serena Tan

LOng wait at the SInseh today

The wait over at the Sinseh is so bloody long just for 10mins to tu the ankle ligament of mine.

me Number. was 24. 24 24 24 never came until i became the last one at Desmond, his brother attended to my ligament ankle…. ———————-

The breakfast was a superb one over at Rick’s Wan Tan mee with the parents after a not-so-heavy night at 156 drinking the leftovers and the TAO-BAO bottle of whisky from the previous Sunday 7th Month dinner…..

Rick’s chicken leg – nice not oily and tastier than any legs i ever had… yummy,.. me parents and I were so hooked on it, until we ordered 2nd plate of the CHICKEN Leg’s.. .. then lucky also today he made extra… seDap!

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