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Lunar New Year and the Golden Path

The sweet AK has decided to forgo the China trip with the family of mine after realizing that I would probably be alone for the Lunar New Year straight before I was due to fly to the Alienated country for the Destiny project.

Then I felt worst the fact that he would be alone for the next 2 weeks, with me in the alienated foreign land. Which is quite boring having to think of it, and ain’t something that is quite enthusiasm about it. At least we had quality time right before the new year, and today I was just thinking of a possible drive up to Genting to jest up the mood of mine!


Back to my thoughts that I wanted to jot down, the group of us in 156 has decided to eliminate the fellow spontaneously with no questions of votes needed. To cut the story short, the fellow, age of 40 over plus, has the gap worst than other gossipers and “er-gu’s”, the crocodile tail has grown to its full length and fault of his turned into Loti-Prata..

Whatever, do what pleases to ourselves… The golden Path:-

The serials that me and the AK are so engrossed into now, that every 9pm, will be waiting by my new plasma TV screen to catch the latest updates. Of course, I personally think this series is quite a hit, everyone my aunties my uncles my colleagues the coffeeshop everyone is talking about it. The progress and the meanest of the meanest person.

My favourite actor: – always the Li Nanxing.. Ferlicia is quite pretty but amazingly, the young little star has lots of pimples when doing the closed up.

Hey the show is getting more and more irritating and it intrigues me so much sometimes, especially scences of that mean guy, makes me boil and you start to get carried away and curse and swear! Then I tell myself, its only a show.


Acting good or storyline good or what? Makes us all so excited and irritated!

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