• Serena Tan

Mala Steamboat with Yeng

Who would imagine even at a Mala Steamboat the Yeng was craving for would create an argument right even before the Mala went boiling.

when we threw our food into the boiling water, we left it as such.. when we thought the food was edible, apparantly, there was a burned smell and the soup tasted burned at the chicken soup side. So when we notify the CHINA PLUMB MALE waiter, he came over to stir well and scrapped whatever had stucked at the bottom of the based metal hotpot.

SCRAPPED IT OUT? make the soup more burned and a little yuckies to know that he actually scrapped whatever is at the bottom base. So Gina asked to changed the whole soup. the make plumb waiter, heard and walked away and did his other chores.

Another CHINA ELDERLY lady waitress was called to change the soup.

tranlated to english from MANDARIN

” change the soup must pay again… pay extra..” in her china mandarin accent.

“” JUST TAKE IT we drink finish and replenish since there is replenishing..”  Gina said.

“” how to drink the soup when its all BURNED???”” me say.

“you wait while  for me BOSS to come back..””

“‘so you mean we cannot eat UNTIL YOUR BOSS come back la””

argue argue . argue argue some more until Gina nearly over turned the table because the old CHINA lady was getting ruder and talking nonsense. said the boss was outside smoking , wait a while…. .until another CHINA younger waitress came over and changed the soup for us…

the old CHINA lady grumble and grumble..


after the new soup came in we contined our food. it was good, the MALA was CHOKING and spicy but it was good.

THERE WAS NO SMOKING BOSS THAT WALKED In , in our 2 hours of eating there and after that. NOBODY. Nobody was smoking outside, the boss didnt walked in, caused i saw the pictures of the bosses on the wall. the bosses wasnt there. I was hoping to see what kind of MEAN BOSS to make us drink a soup that is so burned. So i was wondering how long we had to wait if Gina didn’t offered to overturn the table.

it turned out that another table had their hotbowl burned at the base as well after that. and all they did was scrapped the burned food from the based. And apparantly its the fault of the material of the hot bowl. Wasn’t good. then the consumers should’nt take accept this sort of soup either.

Mala Steamboat

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