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Malaysians decides

Because Ben needed to vote in the Malaysia 2008 poll, we drove Ben and along with Aunty Jenny to company to Melaka on the Saturday Morning.

We check in at Tuas checkin point, it was a long queue by the time we arrived at 730am, but due to smart-mess and we got to Malaysia customs in no time.

We drove for a less than 2 hour drive to Melaka and gotten to Malacca and Ben’s house in just before the lunch crowd.

Flags and flags of the partys hung everywhere, even in cars to tell you who they are in favour with. by the time Ben got to settle his stuff, it was late 230 noon and we drove home to Singapore for AUnty KIm’s BDay!

This I miss the Helen’s Jean’s Raelyn’s birthday!

Happy birthday little girl!

Some shots i took in Melaka

Polling shot Flags in Melaka


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