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Marinated meats for steamboat soup????

Just when we thought the last Thursday dinner was the last dinner for the festival this month, our uncle forgotten to mention to us about the Sunday aljunied dinner.

So he did at the last minute on last Sunday. Aljunied home was where my paternal grandmother stayed previously and until today, my uncle is actively involved in that area, more to charity side of area.

Then prior before that, on the same week Friday, we met yvonne helen and jifa for a steamboat dinner.

It was alright at first until…

Let me describe the sections of different food first.

The serving buffet area uncooked food had 2 different sections,

1. Meats for steamboat. Meats were sliced thinly for steamboat-ing. You picked the meats for steamboat-ing and bring the uncooked meats to your own table where you could start to dip into the steamboat with boiling soup.

2. Meats for bbq-ing. Meats for bbq-ing were extra large and were already well MARINATED / seasoned. You picked whatever you could makan and bring to the cooking cooks to bbq/stir fry for you and the waiter will served the cooked food to you.


He ha! Jifa choosed the meats for bbq-ing and brought to the table for steamboat-ing. Of course, non of us realised, (I would be worst I think…).’ Thinking why the meats were so large, so large for a steak serving it looked, but we didn’t bother to think furthur.

We didn’t’ bother to question and in the middle of our makaning, took the large meats and dipped into the steamboat.

After a while,

The soup was horrible to taste, it was TOO sweet and taste weird.

At the end it was unbearable too makan. Realising too late that the LARGE MEATS that were WELL MARINATED & SEASONED was meant for dry –cooking and not for steamboat-ing and the WELL MARINATED MEATS seasoning had dissolved in our soups…. Spoiling it all together.

But it was too late, either we were sick with the soup already or we were too full. Lucky we were to the end of the meal.

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