• Serena Tan

Maybe i am

not feeling exactly what i portray myself these days.

i broke my promise to Thirak when he told me “DUN MAKE MUMMY UPSET, even thought you know you are in the wrong ah….dun argue with her ah… give in to her even though you think you are right ahhh….”

so just tonight, we broke into an argument. to what i call, a quarrel.

when i was living in self-denial these days, I know back in my mind, I don’t know if i could do it, i knew i couldn’t but i know for sure i could, I COULD, in front of all human faces.

but the human faces were faces of my non-family members, i stood out so well, so strong. They told me, you looked strong, always chatty and hyper. But when my family, in my home, or with my immediate family that so constantly shown too their so genuine concern, i broke down.. i broke down so badly… inside.

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