• Serena Tan

Meaning of Christmas

Let’s say there are good and bad hats, and there is always an opposition to everything, practically everything in the world. Ironically, CHRISTMAS is spelled with a CHRIST with a MAS but people always put X-mas as a shortform!

X = cross ouT the word CHRIST?

Is it appropriate? Might just be a word, imagine, I do a shortform to your name,. say Kelvin Tan, instead put X Tan.. you like or not.. so you think Christ like also meh?

I was going through searching for the right phase of the true meaning of Christmas and (of course everyone knows it’s the birth of the Messiah, Jesus) when I found the other side, skeptic sciencetist throughout the centuries that tried to prove that the Bible is otherwise.

An interesting discovery is the sceptics still, hasn’t has yet been able to prove that Jesus is not true, and the fact that they couldn’t find one bit of His body till today, even in the tomb when He was laid to rest.

“””” § The very public tomb at Jerusalem was found empty. Yet neither the Jewish nor the Roman leaders produced Jesus’ body despite strong motivation to do so. Nor did they silence of refute the disciples’ message. Archaeology affirms the historical trustworthiness of the Bible. Renowned archaeologist, Nelson Glueck, has commented, “It may be stated categorically that no archaeological discovery has ever controverted a biblical reference.” “”””

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