• Serena Tan

Meetings after meetings of Destiny Projects

The work is packed again with the Destiny team in town, this time a different manager Ang Mo in for a “TALK” i would call it. The core group in each dept has the role of knowing the mapping and explaining our needs and funtionity to the team, a project that would last for a year, this round, with this another manager in, I would think for the last 2 days was simply a “TALK!”

9 of us in the boardroom, from morning to evening,

to listen to

“TALKS’, and TALKs’ instead of getting to the point of the team “DESTINY” and the process logic of mapping over, the Manager gave talks and talks and side tracks to our bordem. Explaining the agenda which all of us could jolly well already understand the schedule but no, he has to explain in detail the agenda of the 3 weeks meeting, detailing individually. NOt once, repeating twice or thrice in 3 different angles.


“oh God, please ask him to hurry and shut up!” i was urging to say… i understood perfectly…. it was so damn irritating to boring that it got on my bloody nerves…. into irritation.

3 weeks… i wonder how am i going to pull through these sessions… thought i understand his effort and good intentions in delivering the sessions… but it got the worst out of me..

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