• Serena Tan

Mentally unsound lady…

And then there is bound to be a story or two whenever you sit at coffeeshop.

Just yesterday evening, after our fulfilling dinner at AH Chai with additionally Bolimo and Aunty Jenny, relaxing over several bottles of beer with the parents of mine, Bolimo and I were just happily observing a “mentally LEGAL unsound mind” lady that was seated few tables away from us.

She was dressed as always the “little young kiddy girl Japanese type of look”” with black stockings but the moment you see her face, you be tortured.

she started drinking SPECIAL BREW “BARON”. -A large bottle

For 4 hours, we observed. -2nd small bottle – 3rd small bottle. And She was always hogging the handphone over her poor tired ear speaking to an imaginative the-other-end-person! Talking and yakking just to herself or rather her imaginative-friend!

3 barons – nevertheless, she was already tipsy when she went to order her fourth!

156 Boss refused to sell her any more baron, at his goody heart. They had issues of to and fro sell dun sell sell dun sell..

We were again naturally the victims of the mist of saga.. she decided to choose our table and walked toward us, sat with us and mingle with the balance bottles of beer on our table, took Ah Chai’s beer wanted to drink and the boss had to chase her away from our table and In the end, sold her another bottle of Baron at another table.

She was drinking quickly and was on the imaginative line when the Boss decided she had enough and in his good will, snatched her phone and wanted to speak to whoever she was speaking to to fetch her back as she was tipsy…

Boss went “” Haloo?? Haloo??””” no answer and he Looked at the phone and he choked with laughter..Of course there isn’t anyone on the line or the phone wasn’t a phone, I duno.. We naturally burst too but it was too late.. she decided she liked us (BECAUSE WE GIGGLED TOO MUCH) and came over with THE GLASS OF BARON and helped herself to a chair.


So when she kept pestering us. We shifted table, she followed until I think the kick of the Baron gotten a hold on her and She rested at another table…

We believed she was super educated lady. From the way she speaks, the way she handled the men at our table, it was believed she was jilted and mentally couldn’t take it. On one hand, I would like to sympathies with her, on the other hand, I knew I couldn’t handle her, how many people can we sympathies, there would be never ending, she was just disturbing our peace and relaxation. There is basically no help that we can rendered,.. just to leave her alone..

Her family could have taken more care about her.

i left soon after .. i wonder what the guys could have else encounter.. gaga

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