• Serena Tan

Missing Bass

And we were having Bass recollections last evening with Bass’s sister over at Ah Heng’s wife’s wake and what intrigued me most was her dreams she had, after almost a year, she said, she finally had 2 dreams of Bass.

1. She watched as Bass was immerged in the soil/ sand and was painfully struggling fighting for his dear life, somehow he got twined in the sand, and he was trying to break free of the sand! Finally when he managed to free himself after much struggle, she felt cool and delighted and relieved! Before she could speak a word to him, he ran really fast, away from her, and she was catching up on him until eventually she realized, Bass was standing in front of a relative’s house, in Malaysia. Everyone was in anxiety as to him being alive but his sister put her finger to her lips, motioning them to ignore the fact that he was dead!

2. Bass’s sister was somehow waiting for “Fantasy” to appear on stage for their set when the first person she saw was Derrick, then Anson, and expecting a stranger instead, Bass was the 3rd to appear on stage for standby! Caught in awe, she was in ecstatic but at the same time, puzzled and woken up due to the excitement in her!

The thoughts of us in missing a person or behind the naked eye, the unexplained….

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