• Serena Tan

"Moment of truth"

Beer doesn’t work very well on me these times recently. I get tired on beer and high so easily with just a few mugs of beer.

Gee I think I’ll stick to my whisky or martell.

Recently we watch the reality game show “moment of truth” every Wednesday at night.

Its like “dun forget the lyrics” but this was to speak the truth about yourself!

Lie detector machine was attached to the player’s heart and questions would be posed to the person. If the person answered truthfully, he would climb up until S$500,000. There are different stages & level. Each level has a set of question. The higher you go, the more personal the questions were. one question answered not truthfully gets you eliminated.

The last week’s episode had this young male player who brought his girlfriend, mother father and sister.

And some of the questions asked were so personal that the girlfriend got pretty upset in the end, we think.

Questions to the male player :-

“did you have sex with more than 100 woman” yes “do you intend to have kids with your girlfriend?” no “do you think you would ever be unfaithful to your girlfriend” Yes

The girlfriend got pretty upset after that.

Then I was wondering back in my mind what happened to this young couple after the “Moment of truth”

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