• Serena Tan

Momma’s Pal

Long time ago, when I was so so little, that I can’t remember my age then, my mommy had a friend from Japan that she met in the hotel that she was working then , and they became friends and mommy brought her around .. and her daughter and me, became penpals.

In those days, then, the postage was expensive and to write a letter, I remembered, mommy and I would squeeze our words into the 2 sided flimsy-blue-self-postage-paid letter the best we could and I would correspond with the little daughter, while mommy penpal-ed with her Japanese friend.

I can’t recall if she came for trips to singapore often, but remembered she gave us, she gave mommy a kimono and some japanese biscuits and goodies.. it was considered quite valuable gifts during then because, it was kinda expensive, especially to us, especially the japanese stuff. (Of course momma kept the kimono for soveniar,,)

We wrote to each other very often then, and I always had momma’s guidence, she beside me, teaching me what to write.., during my pen-pal-ing days..

Then I grew up and grew out of letter writing and wrote lesser and lesser ,, and the correspondences grew little and little and after a few years, we lost contact althogether.

Mommy said she once wrote to the same address to japan but there wasn’t any reply.

Now I am just wondering, if mommy can use facebook to find her long time lost friend…

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