• Serena Tan

more Complains on Golden Path

The colleagues and I had a intense discussion about the golden path and concluded indeed that the director producer and scriptwriter had either no time to complete the show, or the ending was meant to be abrupt. Stupid senseless ending.

What we further concluded was, some scenes that was meant to look good on screen like fire in the middle of a deserted area in a tin… was stupid and seriously, does the director producer and scriptwriter think viewers had no brains?

Are they aiming for a more realistic type of movie or comedy? Or shows for dummies? Oh well, I guess the loopholes and hiccups are many..but the show was going on so smoothly, well pough and then?

Gag a complains complains,.. when stupidilty gets in the way.

It sure does… think i couldn’t get enough of it haha

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