• Serena Tan

More Makan

It was more rests after a whole day’s work last evening. But before, the AK was “invited” to what –so-called “appreciation night” over at King’s hotel lounge that provided us with a mini buffet. Food consists of Penang Char Kway tiao with different styles of fried chicken wings. Drinks of course wasn’t on-the-house. Probably we gobbled up quite a bit before 9pm, we left the place with the AK having a little of either indigestion or a little heartburn. Too much of heaty and fried-ty food for the last days.. In fact TOO much of food for the body. SO the Madza took us home in the tiny rain to watch the remaining 9pm channel 8 Siao serial and Zoom to ZZZzzz land ….

Today is the MUMMY”S actual Birthday!

And she had to go to a course by herself this early morning.

Shall see what’s up tonight!

p/s the parents took the trouble to buy the 2 volumes of Singapore Ghost Stories for us last evening. ..

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