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More on my Housewarming Party

Furthur to my housewarming post, finally I managed to grab from Helen the photos, her more professional phototaking, thanks


posted on the 15 Feb 2010 :

When we had our housewarming party on the 6th Feb last week, i didnt have the time to snap any pictures.

So i waited for all to post to collate but now very much though. ‘ The Jean snap a few but to date, no Sign of Upload. Sigh!

We had 2 sessions that day, noon and night drinking session. The night didnt end very late though with one or 2 very high.

Ak woke in the morning with Mummy and he cooked the Curry chicken. It was good. Mummy helped him the day before to wrap the Ou Hiang and so that morning she was busy frying it and chicken wings.

Because me dun take porky, so Ak and mummy wrapped a seperate Ou Hiang fillings with crab meat and prawn meat.

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