• Serena Tan

More Traffic Jams

The sleep toll took over us last night, after dinner tabao duck rice and mix rice, the AK and I managed to gimpse a little of the Ah Wang serial and then the Zzzz monster came and attacked us! It wasn’t until 11 in the night that we woke up had a little milo donuts from Batam and catch a little on whatever was showing at SCV and I left to dreamland again. Still this morning was a little difficult to awake. Nevertheless, I think I felt better than yesterday. Battling the Zzzz monster in the noon is the worst with no bed and no permission to zonk off!

So this morning, still in my zonkie blurish state took us to the CTE with ultimate massive jam even the start of the CTE which was not the case in the past before the newly gantry of the ERP in the HDB estate. ISN”T it WORST! Not solving the problem yet, making the expressway lagi jam.

Yeah we supposed people were smart. Why used the HDB estate gantry to get through since its pay pay pay might as well used the EXPRESSway gantry then, its pay pay pay as well. So instead of the normal route, we supposed, everyone decided to use the CTE then. Since its payable as well, use the EXPRESSLANE, which, its not express, with all the MASSIVE jams.

Ever since the implementation of the HDB gantries, we never experienced smooth traffic in the CTE like we had previously, it, in fact, gotten traffic jams worst then EVER!

Pay and get JAMS! Maybe that is the motto! It never got better, only worst!


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