• Serena Tan

Moreen’s Aunty’s Testimony

When we arranged to come back on Saturday from our Malaysia trip to catch the evening healing service on Sunday, I didn’t expect a long testimony that were so touching leaving a non-dried eye at the end.

I guess most of us would felt more or a little softened, and cried inside or outside together with Morrien’s Aunty. Her lump in her uterus grew into a large water melon, with sharp pain that she endure for the last one year. Doctors all confirm it’s the advanced cancer when after prayers and prayers to the LORD, the eventual results turn out negative.

It was during her testimony of her pain and suffering and how she at time gave up on the LORD and herself and how she pulled through the ordeal that makes me think at the moment, that her needs were so much greater than mine. Definitely!

Health is definitely above all other needs isn’t it. To have a health is what we came to realize. Till we fall terribly ill do we then realized, the greatness of a health.

sometimes bad things happened for a reason, for a reason to build our lifes together.

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