• Serena Tan

Mother’s Day

Today on MOther’s Day in church, the pastor got all the mothers together, prayed specially for our mummies..

Of course, we didnt do our celebration today for my MUMMY because it would be super crowded, and super busy that the cook would dish a lousy dish in his anxiouness.. well, the AK gave a treat to the mothers on Friday!

We had a simple meal at home! the AK and mummy prepared dinner, chicken wings, pork chops porridge and some other items for a simple home cooked food. i liked home cooked food.

Last night over at Dragon Fly i had a fall. Don’t ask me why, i was just overly careful,, following Yeng when i POPPED! and FELL! I twisted my RIGHT ankle this time. Probably the liquor was heavy last night, the pain in the ankle diminished the more I drank, but today it was bad. Think its painful the moment the ground touches my feet. anyhow, the AK had rubbed and tried to exercise that right ankle of mine.

We would have stayed longer last night, if not for the drinking too fast and too heavy, I was gone in a “minute””. Gaga. What’s NEW!

The worst part, I twisted my ankle before i had drinks.. Not drunk also fall, drunk also fall!

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