• Serena Tan

Mother’s Day Dinner at the Farm

Ever ate in a restaurants with TONS AND TONS of flies swarming around you like bees…attracted to hives….

Disguisting. You know those flies with large 2 wings …. AK called them ANTS FLIES!

Last evening, the darling AK brought my parents and my aunties to Orchid Farm house for MOTHER”S DAY DINNER. 1 week earlier of course..

we were pretty early before the crowd swarmed in and before dark, we finished our meals.

MEALS was special with smoked duck like slices of ham, fried wings with petruding bones, SOON HOCK… delicious and others…. and we enjoyed very much the food.

That was before the swarm of flies invaded us.. Lucky thing was, we finished our food before dark..

at 730pm, the flies started circling round and round the parallel lights on the ceiling, more and more circling AND CIRCLING AND CIRCLING when it was darker.

We were just sitting there chatting and waiting for bill (thank goodness) and the crowd started coming in. They didn’t seemed bothered too much with the flies but we were though. So the next time we were due there, sit inside the room without the

ANTS FLIES circling!

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