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MotorCycles Chasing Princess Diana’s Car

Some evidence into the 11 day of the Inquest Death of Princess Diana believed to be a planned crash:-

“”” Earlier, a witness testifying by videolink from Paris recalled seeing motorcycles chasing a Mercedes at high speed on the night Diana died.”” Thierry Hackett, who was driving along the route taken by Diana and Fayed after they left the Ritz hotel, also said he saw the Mercedes swerving because, he thought, it was being “hindered by the motorbikes.” Lawyers for the inquest also read statements by people who thought they heard squealing tires and a crash behind them in the Pont d’Alma tunnel, where the couple’s car slammed into a pillar, but could not see what happened.

Hackett said he saw at least two or three motorcycles chasing the German car — he had said four or five in the earlier statements — with one pacing the car on the right side. He said that a motorcycle, carrying two people, passed him at the same time as the German car.

“It was very close. I was a bit scared, they were really close,” he said.

In a 1997 statement, Hackett said the big car was swerving: “Clearly the driver of the vehicle was being hindered by the motorbikes.”

He said Thursday that this remained his recollection. “”””

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