• Serena Tan

Mr Aaron Kwok’s Concert

The complimentaries tickets Uncle Anson had and brought us together with Joyce to watch Aaron Kwok’s concert. yeah, everyone was right, Aaron Kwok was fit, shaky flexible good body and energetic. He danced well, and never rested for a break. He is good.

at 12 am, it wasnt ended yet, so 4 of us left the indoor stadium before the crowd does.

without the freebies sticks to make noise as well.

in every concert, the opening is the grandest, and most exciting

me and joyce zoom in and out, zoom in and out,

like always in every concert that i tried to snap

zoom in pictures with no clearity,

somehow, we always want to try again

were fans holding plates that read

“AK”, “AK’, “AK’, below.

Definately it was “AK”‘s concert,

you would think he was trying to do

some gym stunts.

for all his concert.

it rotates 360% up down side all over,.

amazing, where he stand in the middle inside

and his dancers at his side INSIDE

while the stagie rotates slowly.

Video below of the spining stage

where water is filled and Aaron Kwok and his dancers

splashed inside the water

after which, he splashed the water jumped on it and

splashes on the audience

this car was parked at the below of the stadium fully guarded and

fenced up.

which we believe very much that aaron kwok came in this car.

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