• Serena Tan

MRT delayed

Thought I wanted to leave the office in the evening earlier than usual and woke up quickly to speed up my time to the office quickly. Skali kana stuck at the MRT Yishun track station. Apparently either some accident or someone committed suicide cause our time delayed by 40 mins. I reached the station saw so many police and police cars and the MRT tracks were surrounded by civil defence servants and police. Yeah yeah everyone was cramped and desperate-li wanting to get on the train, while some students complained of wanting to get to school early for the exams and just because of the selfish act of the suicidal person, everyone else was delayed.

On the other note, been wanting to post this illegal parking, stingy poker driver’s car into the blog for a while but IT disappeared for a while and NOW ITS BACK! Near my office parked this Rav4 orange number plate 9324 illegally at the taxi waiting stand along South Canal Road, just beside the OCBC bank main centre. HAVE A CAR but cannot afford to get a parking lot! Now I remembered he house at some condo. The car is PARKED there like morning when I go to work and after work, his car is still PARKED there. EVEN DURING LUNCH TIME, THE DAMN CAR IS THERE.

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