• Serena Tan

MRT Talks

Talking about sleep debt, I slept for a total of 10 hours last night to this morning, still the hours that I wanted to awake failed.

Then over at the MRT cabin on the way to work, this middle aged couple which I would have thought were friends from the body language managed to be seated in front of my kpo-eyes. Not a very pretty couple though but the lady was constantly slapping the guy’s hands while they were talking poking him and carrassing the HIS hands for a few seconds with NO recriprociate. Worst, he chose to cross his hands after that, making no effort for further advancement from the lady., still he continued to be SUPER friendly in his words and smile…! Either the guy was not up to it or he was simply too shy to react back. I guess from the way the couple’s body telling, its sure that they had no intimate relationship.. Gagag …( “confused….” )

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